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Documents for EPA-Army Dispute

Below are documents related to the dispute between the U.S. Army and the U.S. EPA over perchlorate cleanup levels (2011-2016), which put some cleanup work at the LHAAP on hold.

  • Inside EPA article "EPA, Army Fight at Texas Site Tests 'Applicable' Perchlorate Cleanup Levels" (12/12/12)
  • EPA administrative decision on the dispute (10/31/14)
  • Army response to administrative decision (11/25/14)
  • Presentation by hydrologist George Rice about the dispute
  • Army responses (10/29/15) to citizen questions delivered at the 06/18/15 RAB meeting
  • Dispute timeline and status of sites affected as of October 2015
  • OMB decision letter (3/11/16)
  • Affected RODs and sites at LHHAP with map
  • Dispute chronology
  • Preliminary Schedule for Affected RODs and Sites (in preparation April 2016)