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Caddo Lake Ramsar

The Caddo Lake Ramsar Clearinghouse was established in 1999 as a forum for communications and collaboration on wetland management at Caddo Lake. A major goal is to enhance local public input to decisions at the state and federal levels that may affect the wetlands.  The Clearinghouse works closely with the other major players in wetland management, including the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Clearinghouse Members

The City of Uncertain, incorporated in 1961, has about 150 friendly residents who enjoy sharing their bit of paradise with the outside world. The city activelysponsors programs to protect the Lake and wetlands and the recreational, environmental, economic and esthetic values they bring to the community.

The Caddo Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism is a network of local businesses that promotes tourism and helps the community while protecting the Caddo Lake watershed. It is a key source of information on businesses, resources, services, events and entertainment in the Caddo Lake area.  

The Greater Caddo Lake Association of Texas (GCLA) is a non-profit membership organization founded over 30 years ago and is dedicated to the motto "Keep Caddo Lake Natural."  GCLA is actively involved in all issues affecting the ecology, culture and economy of Caddo Lake.

The Friends of the Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to increasing awareness, enjoyment and appreciation of the refuge. It seeks to conserve the area’s native fish, wildlife and plants for the continuing benefit of everyone.

The Caddo Lake Institute (CLI) is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization founded by musician Don Henley in 1993. CLI sponsors programs such as the ongoing efforts to aasure adequate instraem flows to the wetlands and lake and to protect the quality of the water in the watershed.



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