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5th Cypress Basin Environmental Flows Workshop - December 5-7, 2016

Jeffersonian Insitute

CLI hosted the 5th multi-day Flows Workshop for scientists and stakeholders on December 5-7, 2016 at the Jeffersonian Institute in Jefferson, Texas. Participants reviewed research that had been done since the 2011 workshop and other such information to evaluate the need for changes to the flow recommendations for Big Cypress Bayou.  The participants also evaluated potential strategies, such as changes to the water control plan for the operations by the Corps of Engineers for Lake O’ the Pines and the extension of the seasonal pool at that lake.  The participants ended the meeting by setting priorities for research and monitoring to guide the adaptive management approach for this project over the next few years. 


Woarkshop Presentations

Roy Darville - New Nutrient Monitoring Project

Chad Hargrave - Blue Head Shiner

John Hickey - Sustainable Rivers

Herman Settemeyer - Red River Compact

Ryan Smith - Ecological Monitoring and Research

Joe Trungale - Summary of Reports on Implementation Strategies

Joe Trungale - Summary of Technical Reports

Sara Newton & Ashley Bussell - Water Quality and Sediment

Background Information and Reports

Analysis of the Red River Compact -  Herman R. Settemeyer, P. E., Partner RSAH2O, LLC

Assessment of sediment transport to Caddo Lake and analysis of water-quality properties collected between 1996 to 2016 as an indicator of favorable conditions for the growth of invasive plant species in Caddo Lake, Texas

Final Report for Phase 1 of the Big Cypress Bayou Paddlefish Reintroduction Experiment. - US Fish & Wildlife Service and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, 2015

Mid Project Report Phase 2 of the Big Cypress Bayou Paddlefish Reintroduction Experiment. - US Fish & Wildlife Service 

New Caddo Lake Nutrient Study - Dr. Roy Darville

Effect of Rainfall and High Flow Pulse Release on Soil Moisture for Long Term Monitoring in Response to Implementation of Environmental Flow Recommendations in the Caddo Lake Watershed. - Drs. Roy Darville and Ray Darville, 2016

Cypress Basin Bioassessment, Marion and Harrison Counties: River Studies Report No. 24 - Sarah Robertson, Kevin Mayes, Gordon Linam, Melissa Parker, Clinton Robertson, Archis Grubh, Stephan Magnelia with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and Melissa Casarez University of Texas at Austin, Biodiversity Collections 

Big Cypress Bayou Monitoring Network Forest Plot Results: 2012-2016 - Tom Hayes Ph.D., Texas Conservation Science, Inc., December 2016

Current Distribution of Bluehead Shiner and Associated Habitat- Chad W. Hargrave, 10 September 2016

Implementation of Building Blocks Recommendations at Lake O’ The Pines on Big Cypress Creek - Trungale Engineering and Science, 2014

Application of a Framework for Monitoring, Reporting and Managing Dam Operations for Environmental Flows at Sustainable Rivers Project Sites at Lake O’ The Pines on Big Cypress Creek - Trungale Engineering and Science, 2014

Hubbsi Current Distribution and Habitat - Chad W. Hargrave, 2016

Project Summary

Time Table for Major Activities

Major Participating Organizatons

Project History



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